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This is where to come for future goodies such as Snorty t-shirts, stickers, books etc.etc.

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The Making of the Italian Job

The Making of the Italian Job

by Matthew Field

Details of how the film was made, released to coincide with the rerelease of the film.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job

by Troy Kennedy Martin

"Charlie is out of prison and now wants to do one final job -
to steal $4 million of gold arriving in Italy from China,
right under the nose of the Mafia. A plan is hatched, using
three Mini Coopers, two Jaguars, and a bus.

This book is published to coincide with the re-release of the film."

The Mini : Forty Years of Fun

The Mini : Forty Years of Fun

by Brian Laban

"This book is a celebration of the car in all its glory:
Size--why no other "small" car comes close;
Class--how it was eagerly adopted by both Lords and call-girls;
Sex--the Swinging Sixties would have merely swayed without it;
Speed--how it ate Jags for tea;
Money--it never made any; and, of course, Love."

Mini : Design Icon of a Generation

Mini : Design Icon of a Generation

by L.J.K. Setright and Sir Terence Conran

You want to know why Mini-enthusiasts invest so much time, love and money on their cars? Read this.

Building, Preparing and Racing Your Mini By Bill Sollis and Dave Pollard

Bill Sollis, renowned Mini Miglia driver, gives a complete guide to going racing in a Mini.

Mini Restoration Manual By Lindsay Porter

An extremely useful book detailing how to renovate bodywork, interiors and mechanical and electrical components. Also contains chapters on performance modifications.

Austin Mini ('59 to '69) By John S. Mead

Often referred to by Mini enthusiasts as "The Haynes Book of Lies" due to its many inaccuracies, it is nevertheless the start point for anyone interested in maintaining their car. Often apocryphal and given to "Reassembly is the reversal of the dismantling procedure" blanket statements.

Tuning The A-Series Engine By David Vizard

Probably the most important book on Mini engine tuning you will ever read. A definite must-have if you consider tuning your Mini. Definitive.

How to Modify Your Mini By David Vizard

Vizard's original work on tuning the A-series engine. Nearly twenty years old, and so will have missed out on more modern variants such as the Cooper injection unit.

How To Power Tune BMC/Rover 998cc A-Series Engines By Des Hammill

The main alternative to the Vizard works, this concentrates on the smaller variants of the A-series.

Twice Lucky By Stuart Turner and Jackie Stewart

Stuart Turner was lucky enough to join BMC as competition manager just when the Mini Cooper was beginning to show signs of being a World-beater.

Cooper Cars By Douglas Nye

Revised edition with the story of the Mini Cooper brought up-to-date.

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