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In the past few years, there has been an enormous explosion of Italian Job memorabilia. There are still some items which cannot be ordered online, such as the Corgi Limited Edition sets, but as soon as I can find a reliable and secure store I will add them here.


The Italian Job

CODE 1 (US only) report that the US DVD is a short way off. This is a code 1 DVD and will not play in European players unless suitably modified. A code 2 (European) DVD is reported to be available in October, presumably as a tie-in with the launch of the SCi game.

Computer Games

Italian Job Playstation Computer Game

The Italian Job Computer Game

Playstation CD ROM
SCi, authors of the infamous "Carmageddon" will release "The Italian Job" computer game for the Playstation on Oct 1st. If it is anything like their previous driving games it's going to be very good indeed. Further details of the came can be found at SCi's website.


The Italian Job

Digitally-remastered Soundtrack.
The Quincey Jones soundtrack to the Italian Job is finally given a much-deserved digital polish-up and rerelease. The original soundtrack album is one of the most sought-after records by collectors, commanding 3 figure prices. The recent pirate bootleg vinyl disappointed many due to the pressing faults on the record, so this is a chance to bag a legit copy for your Mini's ICE and boom it out loud at shows.

The Italian Job

Vinyl LP
Digitally-remastered Soundtrack.
This LP for those of us with an analogue fixation is going to become a collectors Item. Due out Jan 2001, it will probably become just as rare and difficult to get hold of as the "Get Carter" soundtrack lp re-release. An' I bladdy mean that.


The Italian Job VHS Videotape

The Italian Job

VHS Tape
Digitally-remastered Widescreen Colour PAL (european) Format.
The classic Michael Caine film that inspired the Limited Edition Mini Italian Job. Also contains a documentary on the making of the film, including the lost "Ice Rink" chase scene.


The Making of the Italian Job

The Making of the Italian Job

by Matthew Field

Details of how the film was made, released to coincide with the rerelease of the film.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job

by Troy Kennedy Martin

"Charlie is out of prison and now wants to do one final job -
to steal $4 million of gold arriving in Italy from China,
right under the nose of the Mafia. A plan is hatched, using
three Mini Coopers, two Jaguars, and a bus.

This book is published to coincide with the re-release of the film."


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The Italian Job
Italian poster

The Italian Job
  British Re-release quad poster

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