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This is where to come for future goodies such as Snorty t-shirts, stickers, books etc.etc.

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Mini-Related Products

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Videotapes on Minis


The Italian Job VHS Videotape

The Italian Job

VHS Tape
Digitally-remastered Widescreen Colour PAL (european) Format.
The classic Michael Caine film that inspired the Limited Edition Mini Italian Job. Also contains a documentary on the making of the film, including the lost "Ice Rink" chase scene.

The Mini 40th Birthday celebration

Mini @ 40

VHS Tape
Colour PAL (european) Format.
The official 40th Birthday Mini video, previously Mini - Official 40th Celebration.

The Mini 35th Birthday celebration

Mini - A Celebration (1994)

VHS Tape
Colour PAL (european) Format.
The Mini 35th Anniversary Celebrations at Silverstone.

Mini Goes Racing

Mini - Goes Racing 1961/67

VHS Tape
Colour PAL (european) Format.
Racing Minis from the 1960's, when the Mini really earned its reputation as a "Giant Killer".

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