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Build Your Own Snorty

Thanks to the ingenuity of the Vancouver Mini Club, you are now able to build your own cut-out paper model of the Internet's favourite Mini. All you need are some sharp scissors and some glue, and access to a colour printer.

Just download the full-size version of the Snorty cutout and follow the instructions to build it. You may find that the model is easier to build if you either stick the paper to card, or print the picture on high-quality inkjet paper. Thin paper will buckle due to the water content of some glues, and so it may be best to use a solvent-based adhesive. The model will also go together better if you score along some of the folds. You can also put curves into some of the card to make the model less "boxy".

Click on the picture below to get the full-size version. Click Here for Full-Size plans
Save the image and print it out.

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