Snorty's Chums

A list of Snorty's friends on the Internet

Rocky and The Luggage

Rocky is JJ Cale's pianist, a Movie Star and avid fan/promoter of Snorty and The Luggage is a famous Movie Star too. Rocky has built a 3D model of a Mini which is comparable to anything that has been professionally produced. He's used it to build several 3D models of The Luggage, Snorty and Elvis.

Capt. Ken

Tales of Sea-going Minis, skin-of-the-teeth Mini racing and Fun with cars and ships from Ken Appleby's Pages

Marcin Dobrucki's Sililand

Marcin offers top-notch information on his Mini rebuild and ... hedgehogs. Doubtless soon to be featured in a Snorty adventure.

Mini Clan Scotland

regularly feature Snorty in their magazine and also mirror the latest Snorty on their Excellent Website.

Pete and Jo

run an excellent Website which contains details of the Italian Job and computer games featuring Minis amongst other things. Of special interest is their preview of "The Italian Job" computer game.

Charles Chan's Homepage

Charles is a Mini-owner from California, and his page contains interesting information on not only the mini but other cars as well, and some comments about driving in other countries.


Coopermania is an Italian page run by Andrea, and contains the story of her 1973 Mini Cooper Innocenti 1300, as well as lots of photos and details of Italian Mini Clubs.(in Italian)

Mini-Club Lucerne Switzerland

Mini-Club Luzern is a small site but hosts a German mini mailing list.

Victorian Mini Club

This Australian site is the official site for VMCI, and contains an events calendar, photographs of members minis and more!
Snorty is also sponsoring the Victorian Mini Club MINISHOW 2001, and will be appearing in their Show Programme and commemorative CD-ROM!

Internet Parking For Minis

Minipark Allows you to park your Mini on the net, in one of several pages, which can then be browsed. An excellent site!

Andy Smith

Andy Smith's site not only contains details of his 1994 Ltd Edition Monte Carlo Cooper and 998cc Mini Designer, but also contains a list of Mini-List meets and the infamous Mug-Shot page, where you can actually see what some of the listers look like, including a shot of me with Snorty.

British Mini Club

The British Mini Club, organisers of the Himley Hall British Mini Day, now have an online prescence and have chosen to feature Snorty's adventures. Includes a club shop and a list of Minis for sale.

Norfolk Mini Owners Club

Norfolk Mini Owners Club have a monthly-updated site that features a photo album of all their recent excursions to different shows.

Bournemouth Mini Owners Club have a very professional-looking site, which features details of the owner's Minis, and even a Forum so you can join in chatting with the members.

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