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Snorty and Friends
Snorty is a 1993 Mini Italian Job, and the star of the show. He's quite sure of himself, slightly naive, and a bit cocky, having been tuned by the addition of a K&N filter, Maniflow LCB and a performance exhaust.

Foggy is a single-point injection Rover Mini Cooper, and is somewhat pompous, as he has been modified with additional lights like the limited edition Monte Carlo Cooper. As such, he considers himself to be "A cut above the normal Cooper", and makes much of the point that he is fitted with a computer - though he doesn't have a clue what that means.

Trundles is a nondescript mid-80's mini that lives in the same street as Snorty & Foggy. He's a bit rusty, and only has a 1000cc engine, which is getting a bit tired, but he gets there in the end (hence his name). Because of his rather dowdy appearence, Trundles tends to get bullied by the others. To use "Mod" vernacular, if Snorty and Foggy are High Numbers, then Trundles is a Ticket.

The Mini Vengeance Front
A Vigilante squad formed by the three above minis so that they may right what they perceive as wrongs done to the Mini community. Previous targets include sloppy Rover technicians, some fool of a car designer who saw fit to take a hammer to a Mini on television, and certain Hollywood studios who saw fit to plan a remake of "The Italian Job" with VW Beetles.

Little Dragon
Snorty's owner's other car, a Sylva Striker kit car built with (gulp) Ford Escort parts. Part of a love/hate relationship, constantly at war with each other. Snorty doesn't see why Little Dragon spends the winter under wraps indoors and gets to go on holiday with the owner, and Little Dragon is jealous that Snorty gets to go to work, and go to Mini shows.

Heavily-modified Mini owned by Scott Beavis. Usually off-the-road due to some fantastic modification his owner has just thought up, like anti-tailgate devices.

A Mini owned by a young owner who couldn't afford to insure his Fiesta XR2 after several shunts. As such has had several questionable things done to him, such as the addition of a horrible bodykit (which slows him down), fake twin-pipe exhaust (which manages to restrict the standard peashooter exhaust even further) and a HUGE I.C.E. unit, which drains his battery flat if left on whilst parked. Resembles his owner incredibly closely, even down to tastes in dance music, language, Halfords car accessories (particularly go-faster stripes). Under his bonnet lives one of the few 850cc A-series engines still in existence. Which is just as well, because otherwise his owner wouldn't get any cover.

Old Timer
Very much based on my parents original Mini, Old Timer is a genuine MkI who can remember the "Good Old Days" of the Sixties, and still resides somewhat in a dreamworld based on them. He doesn't understand all this new-fangled modern motoring rubbish, thinks a Cat is something that sits on your bonnet rather than underneath it, and has only just accepted radios, never mind those funny little mirror thingies that go into a postbox on your dashboard..dashboard? That's one of those poncy Riley things, isn't it.....?

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